Christian Diaz
08 Oct , 2022

Family Trip to Funko Hollywood

 Funko fans out there, you know a trip isn't complete without stopping in for a visit to Funko Hollywood, right?!  Deadzone's always looking for some great pops to add to the collection.

It was great to finally be able to take the family to Funko Hollywood. Had fun lounging with Lil' Deadzone on the Funko Gold chair for sure! The wifey enjoyed Stranger Things and she couldn't leave without a Pizza Boy t-shirt.  Lil' Deadzone enjoyed Star Wars.  

Ad icons definitely brought that great nostalgic feeling.  Who didn't enjoy eating Captain Crunch cereal and watching Flintstones on TV?

Of course, I found some goodies to take back home to the desert.  Picked up Rocky with Gold Belt, Obi-Wan Kenobi Hooded, Deadzone Pops and Jawa, Yogi Bear, Dracula, and Klondike Kat Sodas. 

Did you catch the Deadzone Pop!? Yup! We popped ourselves.


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