Christian Diaz
31 Oct , 2022

Got a package people!!

Remember that famous Ace Ventura Pet Detective scene where Ace severely manhandles a package on the way to delivering it?  Yeah! That was the package we received, our $175 Smeye World NYCC 2020 Throwback Mystery Box!  ....seriously folks!

Totally bummed that Leonardo got a bit of damage on the bottom but pretty sure that can be restored back to like new and definitely a Pop we'll be keeping in our own personal collection.

Nice to get the Pluto on the Casey Jr. Circus Train Attraction to add to our Goofy on the Casey Jr Circus Train Attraction and perfect timing with Christmas right around the corner!

Venomized Magneto and Kaguya Otsutsuki are cool, not sure we will be keeping those chance, does anyone know what the face is all about on Kaguya's sleeve?  

Want more details? Check out the unboxing here:







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